10 Natural Hairstyles For Bald Women

What causes a woman to go bald? Well, a woman can have a bald look as a result of different factors:

  1. It could be because she has health problems that causes her hair to thin out.
  2. She may be conforming to some cultural demands.
  3. It could simply be a matter of choice.

How To Select Suitable Natural Hairstyles For Bald Women

1. Consider Your Hairline

When selecting natural hairstyles as a bald woman, pick wigs that won't put too much pressure on your hairline.

2. Chose Styles That Will Conceal The Patches

Uneven patches can be bothersome. So, when choosing a wig, select one that will cover them.

3. Avoid Braids

If you're fighting a hair problem like alopecia, braids are a no-no. You want to solve the problem and not further compound issues. This may be a difficult choice for you especially if you're a lover of braids. As you continue reading, you will find out a more suitable option for you.

So, what natural hairstyles can a bald woman can wear? Selecting suitable hairstyles may be a bit tasking for you. However, in this article, I will show you some of the best options available:

Here Are 10 Natural Hairstyles For Bald Women

1. Bang, Bang, Bang

Do you have bald patches, a receding hairline, or you're completely bald? Then bangs are the perfect hairstyle for you. They hide your hairline and cover your head completely while dropping off gorgeously on your forehead.

2. Braided Wigs? Shh! No One Will Know

The last thing you want to do if you have thinning hair is to braid them. Also, if you're completely bald, you may not be able to do braids. Still, you don't have to miss out on rocking braids. Simply get a braided wig and style as you wish! You can shop here for braided wigs.

3. Ponytails: A Girl's Best Friend

Perhaps you have a bald spot in the middle of your head. I understand it can be annoying especially when you want to make a new hairdo. What to do? Here's where a ponytail extension comes to the rescue! If properly installed, it will cover up the bald spot without you even remembering you had the spot in the first place! If you like this particular look in the picture, you can shop for it here.

4. Pixie Cut Gang

Rocking your completely bald head is a bold look. If you're looking for an even bolder I-mean-business look in a wig, you'll find it in a pixie cut.

5. Afro Is Queen

Do you want a natural look that's hard to tell if it's a wig or not? An afro wig is just the right choice. Also, they're usually voluminous and give the illusion of full, healthy hair. Check out this collection of afro wigs that you can shop from.

6. Pop Those Curls, Girl

Want hair that pops? Curly wigs are your best bet.

7. Wavy Like The Sea

Curls are not your thing? Then go for wavy wigs. You can go the extra mile by styling it to fall across your face.

8. Bob It Up

What better way to retain your boss-girl vibes than rocking a bob wig? You can shop here for bob wigs.

9. Crochet For Days

Crochet is another hairstyle that gives you that effortless natural look. If you're looking for an Afro with (a bit of) curls, try crochet wigs.

10. Finger Curls

You want a natural hairstyle that is short and classy at the same time? Go for finger curls because why not?

How Do You Style Natural Hair As A Bald Woman? Do-it-yourself!

Want to learn how to style your natural hairstyles all by yourself? I have selected this YouTube video by a fellow bald woman, Shalom Blac, to help you achieve this:

In this video, you will learn how to:

  1. Properly install your wig.
  2. And style it to perfection.
  3. Extra: Learn to do makeup like hers if you want to spice up your look.