15 Bob Box Braids You Should Try

bob box braids

Bob box braids might be making a comeback. And why not? These cute short braids can be rocked for work, formal events, date nights, or a casual evening out with friends.

Looking to make the bob box braids your next hairstyle? In this article, I will be sharing all you need to know about bob box braids and some gorgeous bob box braids hairstyles you can try.

What Are Bob Box Braids?

Bob box braids are a type of box braids that resemble a bob haircut. They are usually between short to medium in length; they can be as short as chin-length and as long as collarbone length. Bob box braids serve as a protective style for naturals; they are easy to maintain, can be styled in different ways, and just as easy to take out.

How Many Packs of Hair Extension Do You Need To Make Bob Box Braids?

Because the maximum length for your bob box braids should be collarbone length, you do not need more than 2 medium-sized packs of hair extension. However, it is important to mention that the packs of hair extensions you need also depend on how full your natural hair is and how full you want the bob box braids to be. If you have full thick natural hair, you may use between 2½ medium-sized extension packs or 1 large-sized and 1 medium-sized extension packs.

How Long Should Your Bob Box Braids Last?

Because it is a protective style, you should have your bob box braids in for 8 - 10 weeks. However, having them in for any period longer than can cause hair breakage or your hair pulling out from its roots.

What Should You Do Before You Get Your Bob Box Braids?

Wash your hair a few days before braiding: Your hair is in a weak state on wash day, braiding it on the same day can put pressure on it, leading to pain or breakage.

Moisturize and seal: You don't want to braid your hair while it is dry and not moisturized as it can cause you pain and lead to hair breakage. So, make sure to use a moisturizing cream and hair oil to properly moisturize your hair and seal in the moisture.

Detangle: Take out the knots and tangles in your hair to allow for easy braiding. I recommend that you detangle on well-moisturized hair with either your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. This is because detangling dry hair can cause breakage, split ends, and pain.

How Should You Care For Your Box Braids?

Less is more. Simply oil your scalp, roots, and hair shafts daily to keep them hydrated. Also wear a silk scarf or bonnet over it before you sleep, so you don’t cause it to frizz too quickly.

How Do You Make Bob Box Braids?

You can choose to visit a professional hairstylist to help you get your bob box braids done or you can DIY at home. If you choose to DIY at home, watch this explanatory video by Chizi Duru that I found really helpful.

15 Bob Box Braids You Should Try

1. Butterfly Locs Bob Braids

butterfly locs bob braids

Who says you can't have butterfly locs and bob braids at the same time?

2. Asymmetrical Bob Box Braids

assymetrical bob box braids

If you don't like equally-shaped ends, you can go for asymmetrical bob box braids instead.

3. Spice it Up with Beads

bob box braids with beads

Don't like your bob box braids looking bland? Attach some beads to them.

4. Pop a Bit of Color

bob box braids with a bit of colour

Not a fan of all-black or one shade of braids? Add a bit of color to bring your bob box braids alive!

5. Make it Bang

bob box braids with a bang

Naturally, bob hairstyles give off a professional look; bob box braids with bangs give you an even more professional look, so, you feel confident in your hairstyle all day at work!

6. Yes to Curly Ends

bob box braids with curly ends

Not a fan of the regular bob box braids with straight ends? Try bob box braids with curly ends.

7. The Bob Box Braids Beyoncé Look

the beyonce bob box braids

If Beyoncé wore bob box braids, this is how she would look. Tip: pop on some red lipstick to complete this look.

8. Give it Some Twist

bob box twists

You can try the bob box twists if braids are not your thing.

9. Split Ends Are Not Really A Bad Thing

bob box braids with split ends

As long as it's not your natural hair, split ends are not a bad thing. Rock some bob braids with split ends to give you that amazing look.

10. Jumbo Bob Box Braids

jumbo bob box braids

Jumbo hairstyles never fail anyone, let alone having your bob braids in a jumbo hairstyle.

11. Side Parts Never Failed

side parts bob box braids

Side parts on bob box braids are the perfect combination.

12. A Fan of Fanned Ends

feathered ends

There are so many ways to spice up the ends of your bob braids and fanned ends are just it!

13. Bob Braids Look Sexy Pushed-Back

bob box braids pushed back

Push the bob braids on your front hairline back to spruce your look.

14. Stay on Top with the Bob Braids Undercut

bob box braids with the undercut

Want that bad gal look? Try the bob braids undercut.

15. Bob Box Braided Wigs

bob box braided wig

Don't want to braid your natural hair? You can try bob box braided wigs instead.