25 Natural Hair Blogs For Women To Follow

What began as a simple idea has evolved into a movement. A lot more women are deciding to ditch their flat irons, hot combs,  chemical relaxers, and embrace their natural hair textures. As the natural hair community continues to grow rapidly, more women are becoming part of the natural hair movement. This means that there should be easy access to the tools and knowledge about natural hair to women who don't ordinarily have any hands-on experience about the natural hair journey.

Whether you are transitioning, rocking your kinky curls, looking for protective styling options, or trying to figure out how to manage your Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA). We will be sharing 25 natural hair blogs for women you can follow, to help you get all of your questions about natural hair answered. 


Instagram: @naturallycurlly | 193K followers

Youtube: NaturallyCurly | 202k subscribers

Originally created as an online discussion board by its co-founders Michelle Breyer and Gretchen Heber, it grew to become the NaturallyCurly blog and a leading resource for the natural hair community. NaturallyCurly is your go-to resource if you are looking for content on curly and textured hair, hairstylist reviews, access to natural hair products, and useful hair information delivered by curl experts. NaturallyCurly is inspiring every woman, girl, or curlies to love and learn more about their curls.


Instagram: @curlynikki |113K followers

Nikki Walton created CurlyNikki to serve as an online therapy session for curly naturals like her, who need help navigating the natural hair journey. While CurlyNikki is an educational platform to get resourceful information on how to manage your afro textured hair, styling tips, natural hair tutorials, or product reviews, it also explores the struggles women deal with, as relating to body image,  mental health, hair experiences, and self-esteem issues. Nikki uses her educational background in psychology to help other women achieve better and healthier hair, lifestyle, or both.

Curl Centric

Instagram: @curlcentric | 1464  followers

Youtube: Curl Centric | 800 subscribers

Curl Centric is a natural hair blog curated by both Kenneth & Kira Byrd which aims to offer a plethora of natural hair resources, and encourage healthy hair care through well-researched hair content and proven hair care techniques. If you are looking to grow long healthy natural hair, or get natural hair styling ideas, hair recipes, or natural hair products, Curl Centric should definitely be your plug. Whether you are an aspiring natural still figuring out a natural hair regimen or an experienced natural hair queen, Curl Centric breaks down many complex natural hair topics into simple, actionable steps that can help you improve your natural hair journey.

Black Naps

Instagram: @blacknaps |21.8K followers

Youtube: Black Naps |1.91K  subscribers

At first, its founder, Ariane Williams created Black Naps in 2010 to blog about her natural hair journey and also share insightful hair care tips for other naturals. In no time, Black Naps grew and evolved into a large natural hair resource to guide other women with afro-textured hair on the path to healthier hair. Black Nap is your plug for everything natural from natural hairstyle ideas, hair care tips, hair inspo, hair guides, and the best natural hair products. 

Seriously Natural

Instagram: @seriouslynatural |7100  followers

Youtube: Seriously Natural | 28 subscribers

Run by Sabrina, Seriously Natural is a lifestyle blog that covers everything from beauty, style, travel, and natural hair. Seriously Natural provides you with solid knowledge, tips, and tricks on natural hair,  skincare routines, plus honest product reviews, all curated by natural hair experts. Seriously Natural wants every aspiring natural to learn how to embrace their natural curls, while also living their best life.

Natural Hair Rules

Instagram: @naturalhairrule |22.2K  followers

Youtube: Natural Hair Rules!!! | 2.96K subscribers

After she did her big chop in 2016, Tamara L. Floyd, proud mother of two and  business owner set up a Natural Hair Rules blog in 2008 to document her natural hair journey. Tamara started blogging way before blogging even became a thing, and with over a million readers today, she's going strong each day. Natural Hair Rules is your top natural hair resource for all the basics and tidbits on natural hair care tips, hair inspiration, hairstyle guides and tutorials for any hair type or texture, the best product reviews and real hair advice, curated by natural hair experts.

Thirsty Roots

Instagram: @thirstyroots |6828 followers

Youtube: thirsty roots | 3.71K subscribers

After struggling with postpartum hair loss and heat damage from monthly heat styling, then searching other blogs and forums for a viable solution, the Thirsty Roots blog was created in 2010.  Over the years, it has gained over 2.9 million readers yearly, 38,000+ Facebook Fans, and a large natural hair community of over 33000 people. Thirsty Roots which is run by Sharina is a leading natural hair resource for women looking to learn more about having healthy hair and body. Thirsty Roots is making it easier for people with afro-textured hair to embrace their kinky coils and learn how to care for their hair better. It does this by making the right hair information, hair care guides, and natural hair styling tips more accessible to others.


Instagram: @afrobella |46.7K followers

Youtube: Patrice Yursik | 4.77K subscribers

Patrice Grell Yursik is a Trinidadian-born writer, one of WWD's 50 Most Influential People in the Multicultural Beauty Market and founder of Afrobella. She created Afrobella "to fill a void and to celebrate the inner and outer beauty of women all shades of beautiful". Patrice has also been featured in various advertising campaigns with other hair care brands. Afrobella was listed as one of Ebony Magazine's Power 100 and has won more than ten online awards. With over 11 million page views, Afrobella explores topics on natural hair care, skincare, and beauty.

Igbo Curls

Instagram: @igbocurls |39.1K  followers

Youtube: Igbocurls Chinwe Juliet |68.3K  subscribers

Igbo Curls is run by Chinwe Juliet, a Nigerian living in the ambient city of Kaduna. After dealing with severely damaged relaxed hair and a horrifying scalp burn experience -  which was caused by chemical relaxers- Chinwe decided to transition to natural hair. She transitioned for 7 months and has been natural since 2011. Igbo Curls has amazing content on natural hair, natural hair care guides, and styling tips. Over the years, her blog has evolved and you will find her discussing other issues like motherhood and parenting, tech reviews, faith, and lifestyle content. Chinwe also has a youtube channel where she makes more natural hair content such as natural hair tutorials, DIY's, how-to's, and natural hair product reviews.

Discovering Natural

Instagram: @discoveringnatural |29.9K  followers

Youtube: DiscoveringNatural | 154K subscribers

Discovering Natural is curated by Sola, she transitioned for one year before finally doing the big chop in November 2012. On her blog, she's constantly sharing how she is taking care of her children's natural hair. Discovering Natural shares helpful tips on her natural hair regimen, transitioning regimen, and kids' natural hair regimen. Sola also has a YouTube channel where she has over 300 videos on natural hair, she even has a cute video of one of her daughters talking about her own natural journey.

The Kink and I

Instagram: @thekinkandi |9042 followers

Curated by two Nigerian girls, AB & MeeMee living in different cities of Lagos and New York respectively. These two best friends are on the journey to discovering their natural hair on a daily basis, while also educating other women about healthy natural hair. The Kink and I blog shares through personal experiences and well-researched content, the ways other women can achieve healthy natural hair. You can find anything from hair product reviews, natural hair care, and natural hair styling tips on The Kink and I, to help you with your healthy natural hair journey.

Ijeoma Kola

Instagram: @ijeomakola |82.8K  followers

Youtube: Ijeoma Kola |46.3K  subscribers

Ijeoma Kola, a blog formerly known as Klassy Kinks was created by Ijeoma Kola, a public health researcher, entrepreneur, and natural hair enthusiast. Ijeoma cut off all the relaxed parts of her hair in 2010 after transitioning for a year and this began her natural hair journey. On her blog, she shares her experiences while navigating her kinky curls, natural hairstyle ideas, natural hair product recommendations, protective style tutorials, beauty, and style tips.

Textured Talk

Instagram: @charlenemccraney |19.8K  followers

Youtube: Charlene Walton McCraney |  subscribers

Charlene Walton created Textured Talk out of her love for natural hair and need to encourage other women to embrace their natural curls. Charlene approaches a brutally honest approach to blogging on Textured Talk. She does this by sharing her trial and error experiences with her natural hair, her frustrations with her natural hair, and how she's learning what products and styles work best for her hair. Charlene has grown to love her natural hair and hopes to empower other women to do the same, through her inspiring hair content on Textured Talk. 

Karen's Essentials

Instagram: @karenessentials |661 followers

Karen Merrit, a wife, and mother of 3 kids is the founder of Karen Essentials. After Karen made a resolution to stop relaxing her hair, she did the big chop and began to research online on Youtube and other blogs for how to care for her natural curls. This resolution put her on the path to healthier natural hair and overtime she has watched her natural hair thrive with the natural ingredients she uses on it. When she is not blogging about natural hair, and natural hair care tips on Karen's Essentials, she's blogging about skincare, makeup or making DIY soap, body butter, lotions, and green cleaning supplies.

Black Girl Long Hair (BGLH)

Instagram: @bglhmarketplace | 7799 followers

Youtube: BGLH Marketplace |308 subscribers

Black Girl Long Hair, a leading natural hair and beauty site, was created in 2008 by veteran beauty blogger, Leila Noelliste. As a top resource for natural hair care, Black Girl Long Hair has grown exponentially with more than 2 million visitors monthly. Black Girl Long Hair features topics from natural haircare advice, styling trends, and natural hair trends. She also sells natural butter from her blog, which you can incorporate into your hair and skin routine.


Instagram: @curlynugrowth |28.1K  followers

Youtube: curlynugrowth | 31.9K subscribers

Founded by Jocelyn Renee, a licensed cosmetologist with 14 years of experience in the hair industry. With her love and passion for afro-textured and healthy hair, Jocelyn has come a long way from a salon assistant,  to natural hair blogger and to hair care professional. Curlynugrowth is a top natural hair resource that is committed to educating naturals to embrace their natural hair journey, learn tips on how to care for their locs and natural curls while providing expert knowledge on how to cultivate healthier natural hair.

Lolas Curls

Instagram: @lolascurls_official | 1390 followers

Youtube: LolasCurls |5.6K subscribers

After relaxing her hair for 2 decades, Lola transitioned for 2.5 years from 2010 and then cut her hair in 2012. Lola has learned to embrace her natural kinks and curls and documents her journey to healthy natural hair on Lolas Curls. On Lolas Curls she shares natural hair product reviews, DIY products, her journey to transitioning, everyday natural hair care routine, and tips. Lola has also written an e-book titled “8 Weeks to Longer Hair!: A Guide for the Afro-Caribbean woman. Discover Your Hair Growth’s Potential.” And when she's not blogging about Natural hair, she is running or baking. 

Long Nigerian Hair

Instagram: @longnigerianhair |1420  followers

Long Nigerian Hair is a hair blog that shares tips on how to grow long healthy natural hair. Joie also chronicles the progress of her natural hair journey. On Long Nigerian Hair, you can find helpful tips from which natural hair regimen you can adopt, protective styling ideas, which natural hair products work or doesn't, length retention techniques, easy and safe ways to grow your natural hair faster and the key to achieving a head full of healthy natural hair.

Curls Understood

Instagram: @curlsunderstood |62.8K followers

Youtube: Curls Understood | 441 subscribers

Sylvia Kerali is the founder of Curls Understood, she started her natural hair journey in 2004, back when there wasn't a lot of resources on the internet on how to take care of natural hair. Curls Understood takes a special focus on new naturals who are still learning to embrace their natural curls and curates hair information for the curly hair community in general. Curls Understood is a top natural hair resource, which helps to locate a salon near you that can handle your hair texture, or find videos of vloggers with the same hair type. You can also explore natural hair care tips for kids, natural hairstyle ideas, and natural hair product reviews. 

Yummy Natural Hair

Instagram: @yummynaturalhair |304 followers

Yummy Natural Hair makes it easier for you to explore, do your research, and find out what your natural hair likes or dislikes. Yummy Natural Hair adopts a learning approach for her readers through sharing natural hair regimen tips, natural hair tips, how-to recipes using natural ingredients, tips for transitioning to natural hair, and the big chop.

Natural Sisters

Instagram: @evemafupa |1218  followers

Youtube: Eve Mafupa - Natural Sisters|5.3K subscribers

Natural Sisters is run by Evenes Ruth Mafupa, wife, mother to 3 boys, and a founding Director of Natural Moisture (Pty) Ltd. Evenes has learned to love and embrace her kinky hair and wants to teach other naturals to do the same. She shares her journey to healthy natural hair on Natural Sisters, with well-researched content on natural hair care tips, natural hair tutorials, what products and styling methods she has tried out on her natural hair and what works too. 

Naturally Textured

Naturally Textured is curated by Andrea, a self-proclaimed product junkie, natural hair lover, and healthcare professional. After she did the big chop, then tried out different natural hair products, binge-watched YouTube hair tutorials, and made some DIY hair treatments. Andrea now has a wealth of knowledge on natural hair which she is always excited to share on Naturally Textured. She shares natural hair tips, tricks, product reviews, and hair care routines which can help any natural progress through their natural hair journey effortlessly.

Toia Barry

Instagram: @toia.barry |15.5K followers

Youtube: Toia Barry |1.9K  subscribers

Toia Barry, formerly known as ToBNatural, was created by Toia Barry. Toia has always loved hair, as a kid she was fascinated by the hairstylists at the local hair salons she visited with her mom regularly, so she would often watch them work. She acquired a license in Cosmetology in 2004 and five years later in 2009, she began to embrace her natural hair texture. On Toia Barry, she is dedicated to inspiring other women by sharing her natural hair journey, useful natural hair tips, hair care routines, beauty tips, life hacks, and fashion inspo.


Instagram: @heyfranhey |165K  followers

Youtube: Hey Fran Hey |185K  subscribers

HeyFranHey was created by Francheska Medina, a blogger, and vlogger from New York City. After dealing with a chronic illness for years, and healing herself through alternative medicine, nutrition, and diet. She started HeyFranHey in 2011 to teach others how to make good use of easy and affordable natural living resources. HeyFranHey features content on how to grow and manage healthy natural hair, and how to adopt natural living too. Her award-winning natural hair and lifestyle blog has also been featured in various magazines including Ebony, Vibe, Essence, Glamour, Nylon, Cosmopolitan, Better Homes and Gardens, and Lucky Magazine.

Naturally Smitten

Instagram: @naturallysmitten |16.9K  followers

Youtube: naturally smitten | 635 subscribers

Tasha Branham is the founder of Naturally Smitten, she has been natural since 2007 and loves every bit of it. While alternating between blogging, she is an entrepreneur and a marketing and brand strategist. Because she has 4b/4c hair, Tasha found it hard to find good hydrating and moisturizing products for her hair. The ones she tried either left her hair feeling sticky or dry. In 2012, she created Naturally Smitten for naturals like her who had thick and coarse hair and needed to find ways to keep their hair hydrated and moisturized. She shares topics ranging from natural hair care, natural hairstyles, health, DIY tutorials, life, and fashion.