How To Install and Style Goddess Locs

Goddess locs are great protective styles that are easy to install and require little maintenance. What make Goddess locs stand out from regular faux locs is that they have curly or wavy ends. They are a style that look like real locs but have curls added to it, to accentuate the locs. This hairstyle is a favorite because it can be styled in a variety of ways, and the longer you keep it in, the more beautiful it tends to be.

If you want to try the Goddess locs as your next protective style, this article will guide you on how to install and style your Goddess locs, and everything you need to know about making this look.

How many packs of hair do I need for Goddess locs?

Goddess locs are made with kinky marley or locs extensions. So, the amount of hair packs you use will depend on how full or long you want your Goddess locs to look. However, you can start with six packs of hair and add more extensions along the way if needed.

How long does Goddess locs take to install?

Installing the Goddess locs is no small task. They take longer than box braids, so you should be looking at a minimum of five hours to install them. Time spent installing them also depends on the length or style you want, and how fast your hairstylist is. However, we would recommend that you block out your entire day or just plan towards installing the extensions during the weekend.

How long do Goddess locs last?

Typically, Goddess locs can last for one to two months, but this also depends on how well you maintain and take care of them. You should refresh them often, by washing and moisturizing them.

Are Goddess locs heavy on the head?

How bulky or heavy your Goddess locs are depends on how many extensions you use when installing them. The more extensions you use, then the heavier your locs will turn out to be. Another factor to consider is the type of Goddess locs extensions used and the installation method.

How can I install the Goddess locs?

Here is a video of Ivy explaining in detail how she installs the Goddess locs in three easy steps.

What you need

  1. Your crochet pin
  2. Goddess locs extension
  3. Spring twist extension
  4. Styling mousse

Step 1: Braid or twist your hair

  • Choose a braiding pattern of your choice, this could be a braid or twist.
  • Then divide your hair into small sections and braid/twist all sections. Keep in mind that your sections should depend on the amount of the Goddess extensions you want to install. If you have only 60 pieces of Goddess locs extensions, then make only 60 sections.

Step 2: Crochet the locs into the base of your hair

  • Start by cutting out some strands of the locs extension.
  • Then with your crochet, loop the locs through the base of your braided natural hair and close the hook. Ensure that your natural hair is not braided too tight so that installing your Goddess locs wouldn't be painful.

Step 3: Create a knot

  • Pull the locs upwards so it creates a small knot at the roots, then wrap it around the base of your braid. This would make the root of your hair look firm and natural.
  • Now, attach some strands of spring twists through the crochet at the small knot at the roots and then begin to wrap.

Step 4: Begin to wrap

  • With one hand holding your braided natural hair and the goddess locs, use the other hand to wrap around with the spring twist.
  • Keep adding more pieces of spring twists until there's just a little of the goddess locs left at the ends.
  • Once you are done wrapping your locs with the spring twists, ensure you knot it at the ends before moving to another section of hair.

Step 5: Apply styling mousse

  • After you must have wrapped every section of your hair with the locs and spring twists, apply some styling mousse to your roots and the rest of your Goddess locs to seal it in and give it some definition.
  • And if you feel like the ends of your Goddess locs are too curly, you can fold the ends in two, and dip it in hot water for few seconds to loosen up the curls.
  • Your look is ready! The end result should look like this.

How to style your Goddess Locs

For your next salon visit, here are 10 styling ideas for the Goddess locs you can pick from.

1. Shoulder Length Goddess Locs

Not a fan of long Goddess locs? Rock them short with a blonde highlight. 

Shoulder length Goddess locs

2. High Ponytail Goddess Locs

Styling your Goddess locs in a high ponytail and a bright colored scarf will always be the extra pizzazz you need for your look.

High ponytail Goddess Locs

3. Goddess Locs in Space Buns

Your locs styled up in two space buns framing your face looks great for any occasion. 

Space buns Goddess locs

 4. Half Up, Half Down Goddess Locs

Refresh your locs in a half up bun and half down style. This will reduce tension on your roots when you let half of your locs fall free. 

Half up, half down Goddess locs

5. Long Goddess Locs

Go for longer looking Goddess locs, styled as a side or middle part. 

Long Goddess Locs

6. Side Swoop Goddess Locs

You can show off your side profile by styling your Goddess Locs as a sidw swoop. Perfect for a date or a nights out with the girls.

Side swoop Goddess locs

7. Ombre Goddess Locs

An ombre look for your Goddess locs might just be what you need to step up your hair game. If you like, you can also accessorize with some cowries. 

Ombre Goddess locs

8. Top Bun Goddess Locs

You can pile up your Goddess locs in a top bun. Ensure that your bun is loose so you don't snag your edges.

Top Bun Goddess Locs

9. Blonde Goddess Locs

Try a blonde look for your Goddess Locs. Your curls will look great with this color. 

Blonde Goddess locs

10. Brown Goddess Locs

Look classy and chic in brown Goddess Locs with some hair cuffs for accessory pieces. 

Brown Goddess locs