How to Co-Wash your Virgin Human hair

Wondering how and what our virgin human hair is like? Shhh...I will let in on a little secret, it looks and feels just like your hair. 

You can try out all your hair inspo ideas on your virgin human hair, from dyeing, curling, or straightening it. 

However, you should only dye or color your hair with the help of a professional colorist. The use of heat (straightening or curling) should be treated just like your natural hair and a heat protectant should be used always.

But here's the best part, they would go back to their original texture after a co-wash

So now how do you go about co-washing your virgin human hair?

Watch this step by step tutorial to see for yourself:


Step 1

Run water over your virgin human hair thoroughly.

Step 2

Get your favorite conditioner and apply to your virgin human hair, working from the roots to the ends.

Step 3

Use a rubber cushion brush and brush the hair from the roots to the end. You can also detangle with your fingers during this process.

Step 4

Rinse hair properly.

Step 5

Allow it to air dry.