I’m building a fun brand that loves female friendships, black beauty, and helping women live their best life.

- Remi Martins, Founder

Featured in

Essence Magazine
Bella Naija

Every woman should feel powerful and comfortable in their skin.

What drives us?

Your success drives us.

We know that our hair is more than how we look but how we feel.

We want to help you show up and win big time looking like the black fabulous queen that you are.

We want to see you rise up, break those glass ceilings, and send the ladder down.

We want to be a part of your story.

Why us?

Looks like your natural hair

Our hair is made to match every natural texture for black queens. It is a painstaking process, but we love it.

Something for every budget

We create textures for 3B - 4C hair types as virgin human hair and faux hair in over 57 hair styles. So there is always something for you.

100% Black Owned & Amazing Service

We are that good friend that always wants to please you. We might not be able to bend over backwards, but we will drive to yours at mid-night.

Why we do what we do

I grew up as a feminist even when I did not know what the word meant, but as I got more aware of my environment and read up on feminism culture I noticed my gender, skin color and natural hair as the things people tried to use to silence me and other women.

These where things I grew up to be proud of and I embraced them further. Embracing these things have helped me and millions of other women come out on top and I am now dedicating my time to reach as many natural queens out there with the content we produce.

Now, I am building a fun brand that celebrates female friendships, black beauty, and helping women live their best lives. We just happen to make natural textured hair extensions too.

We produce hair extensions for every budget and because we manufacture our products in-house and sell directly, you pay less than you would at other hair stores because there is no middle man fees. Our products are made by African braiders in our factory in Lagos and we ship worldwide from Texas and Lagos.

I am building the kind of company I always wanted to work for and I want to patronize.

- Remi Martins