Choosing the right wig cap size is essential for ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. At Natural Girl Wigs, we offer a range of cap sizes to fit a variety of head sizes and shapes.

Measuring Your Head

To measure your head for a wig, you will need a tape measure. Start by placing one end of the tape measure at the middle of your forehead, just touching your front hairline. Then, wrap the tape around the back of your head, just above your neck hairline, behind your ears, and back to the middle of your forehead.

This measurement is called the circumference of your head. Use this measurement and the chart below to determine your cap size.

Wig Cap Size Chart

Wig Cap Size Measurement

Cap Size

 Circumference (Inches)

Front to Nape (Inches)

Regular 21"- 23" 13.5" - 15"
Large 23.5" - 25" 15.5" - 16.5"


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