How to Care for Your Afrocentric Hair

Made from the finest selection of quality premium fibre hair, our Afrocentric hair is perfectly suited for natural queens who love the thrill of kinky hair. 

A huge favorite among 4b-4c hair types you can get the Afrocentric hair in either ponytails or Afrocentric wigs.

While you are getting all glammed up in full Afrocentric glory with the Wig Toke or Wig Arewa, not knowing how to care for your Afrocentric hair can be an epic fashion fail too. Because we don't want that to happen, here are some tips on how you can better care for your Afrocentric hair.

General Care

Your Afrocentric hair doesn't need any kind of combing, simply spritz it with water or a shine spray to add sheen and then fluff with your hands. After every use, store your Afrocentric hair in a cool environment to prevent any exposure to dust. 

Styling steps

To ensure that your Afrocentric hair lasts for much longer and you get to rock your hair in all its Afrocentric glory, here are some styling tips you need to follow:

 You can detangle your Afrocentric hair

Again, do not comb or brush your Afrocentric hair. When you want to detangle, spray water lightly over your hair to moisturize it and finger detangle.

You cannot wash your Afrocentric hair

Your Afrocentric hair is made from premium fiber hair, it is sensitive and requires less manipulation. So we do not recommend washing your Afrocentric hair, but you can sundry it after 10-15 wears. 

You cannot condition your Afrocentric hair

Do not in any way try to condition your Afrocentric hair, you might end up damaging your hair or altering the hair texture. Air dry your hair often instead.

You cannot deep condition your Afrocentric hair

We do not recommend deep conditioning your Afrocentric hair. If you want to add moisture to your hair, spritz it with a shine spray or with just water. 

You can style your Afrocentric hair

It is super easy to style your Afrocentric hair. To style, spritz your hair with water for moisture and fluff with only your hands.

Itching for more creative ways to style your Afrocentric wig? Here are 5 ways you can style your Afrocentric wig Toke:

You cannot curl your Afrocentric hair

Your Afrocentric hair requires little or no manipulation so it can stay healthy and breathe just fine. This means that you shouldn't in any way curl or straighten your Afrocentric hair. Doing so will only damage your hair severely.

You cannot use heat on your Afrocentric hair

You don't apply any form of heat on your Afrocentric hair or you will just end up with a hot mess. It's about time to put those curling irons and flat irons in check, don't you think?

You cannot dye your Afrocentric hair

We don't recommend dyeing or coloring your Afrocentric hair. It will break our hearts if you do.

You can watch this video on how to care for and maintain your Afrocentric wig Toke: