• Our production facilities are in countries with low cases of the outbreak.
  • Our team has been remote since day 1, so no disruptions to our operations although there might be shipping delays due to lock downs.
  • Our hair makers are taking extra precautions to keep themselves safe and the product hygienic.
  • All employees get paid for as long as this lasts.
  • We will include free hand sanitizers in every order.
  • You can support us by placing an order or buying a gift card.
This message is from Oluremi, CEO of Natural Girl Wigs.
There are few world events where all of humanity has had a single enemy. This is one of such events, and I have no doubt that scientists, health workers, government institutions, and many others on the front line will get us through this. 
Myself and the team are staying optimistic that this will be over soon.
In the meantime, it is important you stay indoors if you can afford to and read only verifiable information about the disease. That is our part to play.
I will keep this rest of this short. Here is what we are doing to prevent the spread of the disease. 

Firstly, we do not think this pandemic will affect our operations and we are able to fulfill our obligations to every customer.  Secondly, we do not think you can contract the virus through our products. Here is why:

  • Our team has been remote and distributed since day 1 with members of the team in the US, Nigeria, and Ghana. So our operations have experienced no disruptions, although there might be shipping delays due to lock downs.
  • Our production facility is in Africa (Nigeria & Ghana specifically), and these countries have recorded few cases of the virus. This might change in the future, but I am confident that we world would have beat the virus before it becomes an epidemic in Africa.
  • We do not produce anything in countries where the epidemic has hit hard like China, Europe, and the United States.
  • We have also put in place precautions for our hair makers. For instance, only hair makers that live less than 15 minutes away are still producing your hair.
  • Finally, we will include hand sanitizers in every order this period. We made a donation to an NGO that produces and distribute free hand sanitizers.

These are hard times and it is times like these that matter most for humanity. Our team members will receive their full pay and we have extended interest-free loans to them in case they need the money to stock up on household supplies.

Regardless, caution must be taken by everyone and it is important we all protect ourselves.  

If you would like to help and support us: 
  • You can go ahead and place your order or
  • You can do so by buying a gift card that can be redeemed at anytime. 
If you want a gift card, please email or WhatsApp us with the amount of the gift card.
I am genuinely interested in chatting with you if you would like to chat. Just email and we can move it over to texts :)
Thanks for reading this. I am sure our common enemy, the Corona Virus, will be defeated soon. Until then, love and light to everyone.
Oluremi Martins
Founder, Natural Girl Wigs