We often get questions from natural queens that want to know the different hair textures that will match their hair. So we made videos to explain the differences between 4B - 4C afro kinky hair, 3C - 4A kinky coily hair, kinky blow out textured hair, and afrocentric hair.

You can skip this video explainer to find the perfect match for your kinky hair

4B - 4C Afro Kinky Hair Texture in Video

3C - 4A Kinky Coily Texture in Video

Kinky Blow Out Texture in Video

Afrocentric Hair Texture in Video

We hope these videos have been helpful in helping you make your purchase decision. You can check out our Youtube for DIY styles and our shop looks page to compare your hair type to natural queens that have shopped with us in the past.

Finally, here is a picture to illustrate the difference between Color 1B hair and Natural color.

difference between Color 1B hair and Natural color