20 Knotless Braids Hairstyles + Tips on Selecting The Right Style

Knotless braids are the rave in today's hair fashion. Celebrities like Beyonce, Zendaya, Jhene Aiko, Kelly Rowland, and Keke Palmer, to mention a few, have all rocked this particular hairstyle in all its glory. Traditional box braids are beautiful but they also demand high maintenance. With knotless braids, there is no such thing: they're easy to style as well as maintain.

knotless braids

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What Are Knotless Braids? Why Are They Different From Traditional Braids?

Knotless braids are braids that don't begin at the roots of the hair. They are made using the "feed-in" technique. In traditional box braids, the hairdresser starts braiding from the roots of the hair with the extension. This process can cause the hair to shed and eventually come off especially if it is held too tightly. Knotless braids don't cause hair roots to pull out because of the technique used. The process is simple:

  • First, the hairdresser divides the hair into sections.
  • Next, they pick one section and further divide this into three equal parts and start to braid.
  • When they've braided between ½ to 1 inch of hair, they add the extension.
  • They braid the hair with the extension and continue doing that all the way down.
  • The hairdresser applies the same technique to the other sections of hair.

I have selected this helpful video by Tiffany Renae to show how knotless braids are practically done.

What Are The Benefits Of Knotless Braids?

  1. They Serve As Protective Styles: If you want to take a break from styling your hair while still protecting it, knotless braids are the right choice.
  2. They Are Painless: As I have mentioned before, traditional box braids require a tight hold on the hair roots which causes pain. Knotless braids do not require a tight grip and, as such, are painless.
  3. A Natural Look: Because of how they're installed, knotless braids give a seamless natural look.
  4. They Are Low Maintenance Styles: Knotless braids only require that you oil your scalp/hair roots at least every three days to prevent dryness.
  5. They Last Long: You can keep them in your hair for as long as you want. However, I advise that you only keep them in, for 4 - 8 weeks.
  6. They're Easy To Take Out: All you need to do is snip out with scissors where your hair stops on the extension and then begin to loosen the braids.
  7. No Tangles/Knots In Your Hair Afterward: Since knotless braids do not start at the base of your hair, they don't leave it all tangled up at the roots. So, you don't lose much hair when you're taking them out. Hey, there's a reason they're called "knotless". In all, knotless braids don't damage the hair.

How Many Packs of Extension Would You Need To Make Them?

Well, this depends on your desired length and also the volume of your hair. If you're looking for waist-butt length braids, you can use between 3 - 4 packs of extensions. If you're going for shoulder-bra length, two packs of extension should be enough.

Tips On Selecting The Right Style

  1. Your Hair Length: Before making your knotless braids, consider your hair length. If your hair is short, then go for knotless braids that end at your neck. Similarly, if your hair is long, go for longer knotless braids.
  2. The Hair Extension: Go for lightweight extensions. You don't want to feel like your braids are pulling your hair out of your scalp. These braided wigs won't pull your hair out.
  3. Comfortability Is Key: No matter how cute a style looks, make sure it's something you're comfortable with before you wear it.

How Can You Style Them?

The best part about knotless braids is their versatility when it comes to styling. There are many ways you can rock these braids, whether it's for an event, a casual meeting, or when working from home.

20 Knotless Braids Hairstyles

Here are some trendy styles you can try out with your knotless braids below:

1. A Bun Never Goes Out of Style

knotless braids in a bun

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If you don't want hair all over the place, you can tie your knotless braids in a bun. A bun is one way to make knotless braids look simple and elegant at the same time.

2. The Longer, The Finer

Long knotless braids

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Waist to butt length knotless braids are quite popular. Not only do they give off that chic look, but they also make you appear confident. And that is a good thing.

3. Ponytails Forever

knotless braids ponytailPhoto Credit: Pinterest

What is putting knotless braids up and having them hang low all at once? A ponytail look!

4. The Bad Gal Mohawk

Knotless braids in a mohawkPhoto Credit: Pinterest

The Mohawk is perfect for the girl who wants to give off an I-can-do-bad-all-by-myself look.

5. The Two-Bun Look

Knotless braids in two bunsPhoto Credit: Pinterest

What's better than a bun? Two buns! All you need to do is section the knotless braids into two equal parts and tie each in a bun.

6. The Crown

Knotless braids in a crownPhoto Credit: Pinterest

The Crown is perfect for events like a wedding, a dinner party, or any other semi-formal event. This style will give you that royalty feeling.

7. Short Braids Matter

Short knotless braidsPhoto Credit: Pinterest

Not a fan of long braids? Your hair is not long? Then go for short knotless braids.

8. A Bun With Four Strands

knotless braidsPhoto Credit: Pinterest

Want to spruce up the bun look? Then leave two strands of knotless braids on the right and on the left side to hang loose.

9. A Bit of Colour Goes All The Way

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Colors are life. If you don't fancy the color black, go for colorful extensions instead.

10. Side Partings For Life

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What's a simple way to style knotless braids? Give it a good old side parting.

11. Bob, Bob, Baby

Bob knotless braidsPhoto Credit: Pinterest

Want that chic boss-lady kind of look? That's what the Bob knotless braids do.

12. The Colours of The Rainbow

Knotless braidsPhoto Credit: Pinterest

Do you love colors so much that it's hard for you to decide which one to rock? I recommend you go for the multi-colored knotless braids! Who says you can't have it all?

13. Medium Length Is Perfect

Medium length knotless braids
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Are you that girl who doesn't like her hairstyles too long or too short? The medium-length knotless braids are a perfect option for you.

14. Jumbo Knotless Braids

Jumbo knotless braidsPhoto Credit: Pinterest

Are you the girl who doesn't like to sit for long hours at the salon? Or go through the stress of taking so many braids out? Then go for Jumbo knotless braids. They're usually divided into large sections (according to your taste, of course) and don't take time to finish.

15. A Scarf To The Rescue

Knotless braids in headwrapPhoto Credit: Pinterest

When your knotless braids are beginning to look older, there is no need to take them out. Simply spruce it up with a scarf.

16. Accessorize Always

knotless braidsPhoto Credit: Pinterest

Are bland looks not your type of thing? Then complement your knotless braids with some accessories.

17. Ombre Everywhere

knotless braidsPhoto Credit: Pinterest

Are you looking for how to blend colors in your hair? Then try out the Ombre style.

18. Curly Ends

curly knotless braidsPhoto Credit: Pinterest

What's better than straight ends? Curly tips. These ones give your hair that bouncy look.

19. The Panda Bear

knotless braids Photo Credit: Pinterest

Are you undecided about which to pick between two colors? Then use them both!

20. Let It Go, Let It Go

knotless braidsPhoto Credit: Pinterest

Sometimes, the best way to style your knotless braids is by letting them hang loose.

Don't Want To Braid Your Hair? Do This Instead

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